Voice from Bangladesh… After Attacking SIDR… 48hrs of Blackout and (clinically)death of a IDOL

Hi all this Xitu,Writing from a third world country’s Personal Computer, you know what in our country where having a Personal Computer is a great luxury. and I also having the Internet Connection.. that means I am a luxurious human being of our country….. What ever. my today’s topic is not to prove myself as a luxurious man of my country. I just want to share my views with you people today about some issues. any way let’s jump to the topic directly (Normally I am a person who love to talk so much without any reason, so for me it is hard to continue with a topic. which is boring for the reader’s as well and I am not good in English. So I apologize)

Recently most of you know that a disaster took place on the earth of Bangladesh. It is known as SIDR. SIDR is a cyclone, which passed over the Bangladesh in 16th November, 2007 from 10.00 PM. the Cyclone Covers the mainly the Coastal belt Situated in South-eastern part of the country. Million people are now home less and most of the area is suffering load shedding. from Government entries 1,723 people are dead and we don’t know either what is happened to those fishermen who used to catch the fishes in Deep sea. Just pray for BANGLADESH…

After attacking the SIDR the whole country suffers a 48 hours of Blackout. Still most of the part is suffering the load shedding. Just think a Day without any type of supply (water, Gasoline, Electric). yes I know it is hard to imagine but we are experiencing this type of feel. And know what it is a unpleasant experience i ever have. And now i am back to the normal Country life. but is that true u think? Can I back to the normal Country life, where millions are suffering? know it is too hard. the government and other NGO’s are trying to settle the situation as fast as they can.

After having a normal life, another news broke my heart. It is our Beloved SANJIB da (Sanjib Chowdhury) is suffering Brain Hammer age. Doctor’s are saying he is clinically dead.. huh Death of a Star.. Come on SANJIB da… U cant go… there is lot more things to do. at least there is waiting a nice ADDA between u and me… ONLY u and me… Dont go please. I am waiting for your nice concerts all the time….

After all of these i am still alive. and trying to help out the peoples….. just pray for a third world country boy.


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