International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh’ 2008

One woman walking along the beach of South Padre Island, Texas was appalled at the amount of trash she saw and she immediately felt compelled to do something about it. She organized a beach cleanup and in a mere two hours, 2,800 Texans picked up 124 tons of trash.

That was in 1986.

Today, a worldwide movement grew out of that single event with more than six million volunteers in 127 countries and all 55 U.S. states and territories over the last 23 years. On the third Saturday in September each year, the International Coastal Cleanup provides a direct and tangible way for individuals to make a difference for one of the largest problems we face, trash in the ocean. (source:

In Bangladesh, the starting story of coastal cleanup was almost same, It was back in 2006, when Kewkradong Bangladesh; a youth based community for outdoor activity decides to work for a better shoreline

After successfully arrenging two years cleanup program. This year Program was a bit challenging. Because we were not pretty sure that can we gather a bunch of people to work for a better shoreline of Bangladesh? this year’s cleanup Program was scheduled in holy Month of Ramadan. That is Why we are thinking on that manner. But the result was truly positive. It was a huge crowd gathered on the Day of Cleanup in Bangladesh. It was 5th September 2008. We Scheduled our Cleanup date on 5th because of the Eid ul Adha and Ramadan.

However, This year we have 100 of University Students From, IBA; NSU; EWU; BRAC and IUB. People of Cox’sbazar was a great support for us to made this event successfull, We are also thankful To SAFE for voluntary Medical Support, Delta Outdoors and Ex Scouts Group of Dhanmondi Govt. Boys High School for Logistics.

This year We gathered almost 100 kgs of Trash most of them Were Smoking related meterials (Cigerette butts and cigerette packs). and the rest of them were Plastic items ( Such as food wrapers, one time useable plate and glasses).

In 2006 it was 21

In 2007 it was 250

In 2008 it is almost 350

Let’s Welcome International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh 2009 with the every one !


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