48 hours of mutinity, rebel and then releif

dpp_0021_resizeIt was a sunny day in Dhaka. I was slipping in my bedroom having   sweet dream. Yes I am a little bit late riser, suddenly my Cell phone barks (!). It was Swapon a friend of mine, who destructed my nice and sweet dream with having a large shout that, where the hell are you right now!!! come on I had a  nice and sweet dream brother. Anyways what he told that we are in big trouble, So am I.. GOSH. the thing is he besically not know anything clearly but, we are surrounded by a big platoon of Army battelion. Poor Swapon. What should I do Brother? the thing he needs to clarify is. his younger sister is having S.S.C exam in Government Laboratory High School just opposite of our area.  So what is the problem?, I replied. Swapon felt little awkward and said you don’t know anything? no I am not, I replied.  Man! we are in trouble. there is something going on into the BDR cantonment.  I let you know. I live in just Opposite of Dhaka dpp_0017_resizeCollege in Dhaka. It is pretty near of BDR colony situated in Dhaka. so back to the scenario, What is happening I just asked Swapon, He told me that he don’t know either, BDR is continuously shooting from there guns in their cantonment and there is something going on. so that is Why army is coming to take control over the scenario. So what is our problem Swapon?. Then he told me he needs to go to Government laboratory School to take back his sister and he needs a company. As I am always busy for nothing. so I understand what kind of help he needs, Yes I am Coming brother you need a company right? YES!! replied Swapon. So I came out from our area, with swapon . In the mean time my one of senior Imran bhai called me and tells, where are you, there is some bad things going under BDR Cantonment. they are killing people for their certain reasons. So be safe as you are in the heart of that area. I just came out of my den and go in the main road where the action is taking place. It is Mirpur road. one of the main road of Dhaka City. I saw nearly three Army truck just passed by to take positions.  and firing sound of bullet is going on. enthusiast people are gathering in main street to see the scenes. I crossed the road and went to Laboratory School and see many of panic guardians and students are coming out and just wanted to leave the place as fast as they can.  The bullet is just flying from the barrack and killing civilian people. So far three people are dead when I come in main road. People are fanatic watching the scenario. So as a normal people I also do so. So I decided to just having a hike on the area to watch the situation. Some moments later Monju Bhai one of my another senior is said he is in the main arena of the arena. So if we want we can come over there. he is taking photographs of the event. We just go there and watch the situation. But there is a little fear that what is happenning and what should going to? after the night came BDR officials arrenged meeting to the government of Bangladesh to came over the situation. It was 25th of Fabruary 2009.

P.S Update of the situation.: I am not in my Home now I just come to another part of Dhaka City. as the Government has decided to clear the area and remove all the civilians for security reasons. Situations are under control now.

Army actionAnti aircraft guns

Photo: Mozharul Islam Monju, Muntasir Mamun, Masuk Ahmed


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