Corporate Culture of Bangladesh: Re think

I am a business student, and my favorite topic which one I found a little bit interest is marketing. Though I am a marketing Student, I used to work and learn about hoe to promote your ideas and views to the customer. So that customer gets motivated to buy your services and products and so on and so forth. Recently in this decade Bangladesh has been introduces the corporate culture. As to work on the challenges of 21st century every country have to professionalize themselves and to get prepare their citizens to work with the world.

Coca-cola Quit India

Coca-cola Quit India

Now it is said that, consider the whole world is one marketplace and get prepare to sell your products, so what that means? It means we have to get prepare for ourselves as well as our surrounding people to promote our products throughout the world, so that that make sense to us and have find a good position in the world market place.

But is the scenario same in Bangladesh? Consider our countries market place, where you found a bunch of Indian products as well as some other countries products. For the everyday using products it is totally under control of Indian products. I know you people know about it very well maybe better than me, and it is obvious when you try to compete a larger country than your one you will be looser not the gainer, And it is Ok to consume some other countries products as we are saying that we are the citizens of the world not a single geographic area, and that is called Globalization.

Yes I agree with this one no problem, but there are other terms, have you know about that? It is a new concept of Marketing, which is consider as GLOCAL. It is basically conjunction of two words that are Global and Local.  The concept says that Think globally but have a local influence on it. In short don’t destroy your individuality but prepare yourself as a global citizen. So that everyone can at least consider you that where are you from.  Globalization does not mean that you have to put yourself on the flow. It is something that you are stand out in a crowd. In today’s world we can easily recognize people from various countries like, American, Indian, and Japanese and so on and so forth. But can you recognize yourself as a Bangladeshi? I bet you cannot. It is happening just because of we lost our individuality.

I am not saying that to promote yourself you have to throw out all of your values and social structures where you belong. But you have to consider yourself how much you are promoting yourself on the flow.  That is the main key to success. Because from the history of Human Nature it is observed that no country can longer sustain which have no individuality. So it is for our better good to survive and promote our culture. We are not another part of sub-continent, We have a different views that what we should execute.

But in today’s flow of Corporate culture, what we do? We go on the flow, what Americans do or what the Indians do that become our cultural part. Is that are we looking for? I guess no! If McDonald’s can change their entire menu for entering India.  Why we give room to the others to have their own cultural values to lie up on us. Come on everybody knows that McDonalds is popular for their Beef dishes throughout the world. But in India, the scenario is something different, because of major people of India are not want to eat beef, so that McDonalds come on the vegetable dishes what you can found only in India. Not any other McDonald’s chain in the entire world. There are plenty other firms who are having same practices over the world for different reasons. But when it is come to the scenario of Bangladesh no one give a chance to promote our own

We are open social structure, but does that mean we lose our entire Social Values and norms for just sake of some corporate cultures? Is that something like we go on the flow because of we have a small national boundaries? Every one considers us minority or else they will not operate?   No problem if India can promote their values on the Glocal concept or even the Japan; Malaysia can why don’t we? Is that something we cannot promote our values to the world? Come on we have heritages better than any of the country, so promote your country through your work. If India can ban Coca-cola for not having the 100 percent Indian employee and give 80% share of the income to their economy why don’t we? It is you who have the chance to encourage your values and norms. Think again!

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2 responses to “Corporate Culture of Bangladesh: Re think

  1. because you just simply cant live and leave them, this is “we” who made them Mac, windows, pepsi, coke or whatever u name. dont u think we create lot more space for them?

    solution is there too, Be a microscopic entrepreneur, try to grab at least very small group of ppl, then inject your product. What you have said regarding India and USA, I can tell u the same story about USA and India regarding software. In USA, once upon a time it was said, all cars made in Detroit, now its Japan (you can try a book named The World is Flat), in a same way all software made in India not from silicon valley.

    Good one but could be more precious 

  2. Thank You Very Much for your comment brother.

    Yes brother I understand what you want to tell about that mac, windows thing.

    Yes brother I know also about the microscopic entreprenuer. That is Called niche marketing in the terms of MKT.

    can you please help me out of that book.. Links or where i can found it will be okk for me…

    thank you again

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