Velkommen til København… (Welcome to Copenhagen)

Me infront of Some Graffities

Me infront of some graffities

Yea that is the exact word heard when I was out of the plane to the airport after having a 14 hours of journey.  I had a transit to Doha Airport for three hours. But all together it took me 14 hours to get down here. Where am I, Obviously after having a look to the title of the blog you should understand that I am in Copenhagen (Denmark). Yes there I am writing blog from a danish PC :-). cool huh?

Any ways what I was telling before. After having my luggage and backpack with me, The Airport Custom officer after checking my passports and all that stuffs just told me that word.

What I am doing at Denmark? Yes that is a good question. I am here is for learning some campaign stuffs. How it can be conducted so on and so forth. The course is basically running by Actionaid Denmark. Actionaid is a multinational NGO operating around 40 countries, as well as in Bangladesh. I cannot tell more than this because I have some code of conduct which I have to maintain right now… later I’ll obviously tell.

Little Marmeid sitting on Osterborg

The Famous Little Marmeid

Anyways back to the business, Yes I am in Denmark right now. its Copenhagen to be exact :-), It is my first europe tour. And not to mention

but Yes I am Happy!

So far I explore Copenhagen is a nice city to roam around. City is well planned as all the european city is. And I just love the

city, because there are lots of bi-cycle. People just hop up with the bi-cycle that what I like most. Also the City is full of lots of graffities. I dont know why? but they have it all around Copenhagen and yes I must say there are also lots of sculpture, and the most renowned one is the Little Mermaid. Its a charecter of a fairy tale written by famous poet and writer Hans Christian Anderson, Also there is an animation movie by Disney called Little Mermaid based on the tale.

And Some Lady when I was Asking for Little Marmeid around Somewhere told me that. It’s the beauty of Copenhagen. Where you can see lots of Sculpture and We love fairy tale.


Welcome to the country of Fairy tale Masuk ! (ooh thats my first name)



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