Outdoor lover has same language, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011, Copenhagen

Banff Copenhagen

Banff Poster Copenhagen

It was 30thSeptember , I was walking around the street of Norrebro, Copenhagen. Where I am living for three months, suddenly I saw a poster,

Banff Poster

Though I am not able to read or understand Danish language, but the picture of the poster catch my mind. Man! I know this blue picture, and yes it is the Banff Mountain Film Festival Poster, and that is the only word written in English, Whatever the poster also says that the film festival take place in 3rd of October, after seeing this I was so excited. Because, in my country we also celebrate this film festival from our youth hub, name of our organization is Kewkradong Bangladesh, we have already celebrated film festival for this year with a huge success, it was three days program in the Gothe institute Dhaka.

Anyways come to the point.  I took the picture of the poster so that I will be able to find the location, coming back to my dorm I was asking my roommate (named Wali), that if he wants to go he said I am on for it. Then I google the location and

Banff ticket

find out that it is very nearby where I live, But I have a long day on that day. My session will be start from 9.00 in the morning and it ends at 5.30. And the festival will start at 5.30. So I have to run, anyways somehow I managed to go there, but holy crap! The show is not free, it costs 150 DKK ! that means in BDT its 2100. They have two shows and each one costs that

Banff Hall

amount of money ! We had arrange this year’s programs, So I have seen all of the films, I just go to the counter to just introduce myself to the organizers. When they know that we arrange this program in Dhaka every year from 2009, the guy just give me and my friend Wali two free tickets, with the replying keep the adventure spirit go on. We then enjoyed the film show with a hall full of adventure lovers and I must say , YES ! outdoor lover has same language throughout the whole world




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