R.I.P Mr. Humayun Ahmed (death of another Idol)

If you ask a typical Bangladeshi people; Do you like rain? most of them will say Yes! I am pretty much sure they will. That is just because geographically we are living in the continent where you will see the most beautiful monsoon.So genetically we people do love rain. And again the very next question you may ask How do you enjoy the rain? some may say that they wet themselves during the rainfall. Some may say they just enjoy the beauty of rain. Some might say I enjoying walking in the rain. So much versatility! For me! Sometimes I enjoy walking in the rain; sometimes I just sit and enjoy the beauty of rainfall. But who gave me the feelings of that enjoyment?

Full moon? do you love that? Everybody loves that but nobody explains like you before that a bright full moon how it can be?

Have you ever try something lunatic for your friend or maybe your girlfriend? finding rainy flower for your dearest one without any reason?

Who described better my teenage dreams? who before enriched my philosophic inner mind?

Its you Mr. Humayun Ahmed. The person who fulfill my imagination through his writings. Sometimes your makings (films and Drama), Or your characters Like Himu, who taught me how to be just a vagabond in a style or be Logical like Misir Ali; or making me understand those scientific terms through fiction very simply

I can still portray that weep I did for Baker bhai; or May be the song that touches my heart of Ayomoy ( আমার মরণ চাদনী পহর রাইতে যেনো হয়)…. Or Just a line

আমি সিদ্ধার্থের মতো গৃহত্যাগী জোছনার অপেক্ষায় আছি……

Maybe the fiction you wrote is making no sense for some people. But I assure you You were my first entry to the world of Books. Nobody understand us like you did while I was a child. When growing Up I used to see the world through your window.

You are the one who make me cry or feel joy with your writings and other creations of your. No matter where you are, I am sure your books give me pleasure every time I open it. It leads me to a new way of living simple but very strong….

Rest in peace Humayun Ahmed….. Thank you for your creations. You are one who shaped my life in a way that  what I am  today. and keep going


Dhaka, Bangladesh, Asia, Earth


Photo Courtesy: http://www.somewhereinblog.net/blog/baunduley007/29639866


4 responses to “R.I.P Mr. Humayun Ahmed (death of another Idol)

  1. Really true, very simple, but very touchy, and really fantastic. Humayun Ahmed is the one who introduced Hason Raja, and many more Bauls to the BAngladeshi people. I would say thats enough for his immortality! In 1997 He introduced Baul Abdul Karim and his famouse song “age to shukhei asilam, jari to gaitam….” in BTV in a program name Jalsa! Thank you Jitu for this piece of writing. Thanks a lot.

  2. WOWW…Masuk bhaiya you have successfully described Humayun Ahmed’s importance and significance in almost every youths’ life of this generation and the pasts …He truly understood the youth and gave them the support, imagination and strength via his creations when they couldn’t find it anywhere else….Great Writing Masuk Bro 🙂

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