Take it Back! Celebrating International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh 2012

Volunteers of International Coastal Cleanup 2012, Photo: Ismail Ferdous

It was a sunny day in Coxsbazar, Bangladesh. Saturday 15th2012. More than 300 Volunteers took part in world’s Largest and oldest voluntary activity in a single day. It is The International Coastal Cleanup. This year’s theme was Take it back! Cigarette butts, food wrappers don’t fall from the sky. We are the person

Data of Debris is Sorting By the Volunteers

who is liable for these, and we also thinks that this is the time when we act together to make it clean again. This is the Consecutive 7th year of Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh, Which once started with a group of 17 people in 2006.

Bangladesh is the biggest delta of the earth. Crisscross with many rivers and the Southern Part of Bangladesh is Bay of Bengal.Bangladesh has the longest unbroken Sea beach. So it has been proved that we are one of them that have to work for a clean sea beach by our own good. And also the debris those are responsible for polluted environment. It has been already started. From 2006 to 2012, International Coastal Cleanup becomes a celebration for all the volunteers working here.

The Volunteers are from: Independent University Bangladesh’s Environment Club; University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh; North South University Bangladesh; Dhanmondi Govt Boys High School Ex Scouts Association and Bhromon Shongee The travel Store.

Local Volunteers: Koltoli Adarsha School, Coxsbazar; Life Saving and Surfing Club, Coxsbazar

Program Partner: Banglalink

Kewkradong Bangladesh Like to thanks All the Volunteers who worked and Supported Us. A big Hug to make it a success.

We made a responsibility into Celebration, That’s International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh. Where Responsibility becomes Celebration!

photo: Ismail Ferdous; Fahim Alam Khan; Kewkradong Bangladesh


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4 responses to “Take it Back! Celebrating International Coastal Cleanup Bangladesh 2012

  1. you can certainly say we have missed something out of Ken’s bike. but in other way round, ken never wanted to miss something there with us being on his bike! isnt it fun Mr. Mahfuz?

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