Yoga Nyoe Uganda… Hello Uganda

Mango tree in Uganda

Mango tree in Uganda

IMG_3571 IMG_3560 IMG_3573 IMG_3577So… From the title you must figure out. I am doing something in Uganda. Its been a month, I come here to Uganda.; For a job purpose under ActionAid International Uganda. My job is act as a Youth Inspirator here. And my placement is in Kumi, a nice quiet beautiful town. Starting work here is a bit challenging and I am looking for it.

Anyways. My Journey Started from Bangladesh, Dhaka airport on the 18th may 2013. So I have received quite a bit farewell from every one of them, My Family, then from my second family that we called Kewkradong Bangladesh, Then another friends group called Activista Bangladesh. I was showered with farewell parties in Dhaka. I miss all of you guys here. So I reached in Kampala at the 19th around like 12.00 PM local time. Before that I had a hectic night in Dubai Airport. Doing nothing just to wait for the flight that was 8.30 in the morning, And I reached Dubai around like 12.00 at the night. So there is nothing to do in the Dubai Airport for me besides window-shopping. For a guy like me Dubai Airport has nothing more to offer (I mean free stuffs!) Every corner of the Airport is full of world-renowned brands waiting there for your service. But not sadly for me L. So I was there doing nothing for the whole night and the morning to see the sunrise or something.

But I was pretty Excited about the country I am going to. And I will be there for Nine months. So I don’t know what’s going to happen there and all. Anyways then the time comes and I ready for on the board from Dubai International Airport to my Next destination Entebbe International Airport. The Journey was quite exciting with some of Ugandan citizens who are going there. I found the smell of Africa right from the plane. They are all shouting, singing and very full of life!. And when the plane reach at Entebbe, the whole cabin was applauding with joy and give thanks to the captain with shouting! Where you found this kind of celebration? In Africa Maybe!

Soon after that I found myself in very calm airport where only our plane landed. But before that I must say you I was seeing the Nile and suddenly the runway appeared. Before that I was scared are the captain going to land it off to the Nile! The country is full of surprise.

After passing the immigration and everything there is a driver waiting for me to welcome me at the Kampala. And I must say I have never ever seen this kind of calm airport and this kind of simple ones! Can you believe there are only one duty free shop all over the airport and inly two Chain of luggage?

So soon after when I was in the road Alex the driver told me. You are very lucky that you came on the weekends otherwise the road is full of traffic. Suddenly my eyes caught a big billboard of Airtel. The big telecom company from India. Not only that I have seen various Indian products having their billboard all over the city.

It was almost afternoon, I done my dinner and go back to sleep for the first day. Then in the next day the driver came to pick me A roadsideup along with other two inspirator Felix and Pascal. Who came here at night while I was sleep. Then we met Nina, our coordinator from people for change here. Then after having all the formalities done at the office, we start our journey to buy mobile sim cards and end up walking all the way to Kampala. And finally didn’t succeed. Because while we reached the place it is already closed! Anyways the very next day we went to buy modem and Sim card and this time we succeed. After that we start our journey to visit Ugandan National Association of Deaf. The Office is pretty exciting all the employees are working there are deaf and they do all of their work through sign languages. That is pretty good practice to engage disable people I must say. After visiting there and spending some time over there we came back to Kampala. The very next day I started my journey to my LRP where I will be working. Its called Kumi, A nice quiet town in the eastern Uganda. It took me almost two days to reach there. At the night we stayed at Busiki and left one Inspirator there. Anyways I found My place very peaceful. The town consist Three supermarket and all of them are owned by Indians. This country have lot of Indians who come here to do the business. Actually that they do here in Uganda. They do business and doing very good. So While I am here, I was asked so many times are you Indian? And when they found that I am not an Indian they were pretty happy. Anyways, I started working here and hope to write more about my Ugandan Stays.

2013-05-25 12.59.00 2013-05-25 12.58.50 IMG_3488 IMG_3501Xitu

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4 responses to “Yoga Nyoe Uganda… Hello Uganda

  1. Masuk, amazing description! I feel your journey as i was visualizing the way you described. Good luck! Waiting for more story.

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