A weekend Gateway! To Nyero Rockpainting

Being in one month here, I never went to some places to visit. So while Rashid Asks me. Do you want to go to visit some places nearby which is worth watching and do some little adventure? I said Why not? So we planned after breakfast Rashid will go to the filling station and while he comes back we will go to visit Nyero Rock painting. And there is a bad thing about Rashid I must say! He is always in a hurry no matter what. So that’s our Rock-painting visit in Nyero.


The place is pretty closer from Kumi town, It is just beside the Kumi University, Just took me 45 minutes to reach there with a boda boda. Anyways those painting were built by ancient humans and found in 1969. But the makers of these paintings are still unidentified. And what the painting says anyone doesn’t know. They just guess. Have a look on those paintings


For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyero_Rockpaintings

That was a nice weekend fun by the way!


2013-06-30 12.27.40 copy DPP_00030 DPP_00031 DPP_00032 DPP_00033 DPP_00034 DPP_00035 DPP_00036 DPP_00037 DPP_00038 DPP_00040DPP_00044 DPP_00043 DPP_00042 DPP_00041





DPP_00046 DPP_00047 DPP_00048 DPP_00049 DPP_00053 DPP_00052 DPP_00051 DPP_00050 DPP_00054 DPP_00055 DPP_00056 DPP_00057 DPP_00061 DPP_00060 DPP_00059 DPP_00058 DPP_00062 DPP_00063 DPP_00064 DPP_00065 DPP_00069 DPP_00068 DPP_00067 DPP_00066 DPP_00070 DPP_00071 DPP_00072 DPP_00073 DPP_00077 DPP_00076 DPP_00075 DPP_00074


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