Another Weekend Gateway: Visiting To the Sipi Falls


Its been long I am at Uganda right now. Already passed New year here. The last day of 2013, me, my neighbour Matt and his Friend Alice were looking for something to do. Then suddenly we came up with the idea why don’t we visit the famous Sipi Falls. Which is very nearby to us. Only Four hour drive from Kumi.

So that become our another weekend gateway. Visiting Sipi Falls. Sipi Falls is a part of Mount Elgon which is situated in Kapchowra. So the desired day which is 31st December we started our journey from Kumi to Mbale very early in the morning. After reaching Mbale we are now looking for the Taxi for Kapchowra. Finally Finding the taxi for Kapchowra we start our journey. Alice is form USA she is having a travel allowence from her University, and she is travelling the world. Her next destination will be South Africa then India. I am trying to convince her to visit Bangladesh that time. And My other travel mate and my Neighbour in Kumi, Matt is a Harvard Kid. Who has come here to work on a project at Kumi University.

Anyways while we start on the road of Kapchowra we are feeling the coldness and pleasant weather here in Uganda. So far the place I am living is very hot and very flat. But for the first time we are seeing a mountainous road in Uganda also a shiny blue sky. After around 3 hours drive we met our guide of the day Thomas. Thomas is a local guy who earns money by visiting people in Sipi falls and nearby areas. and He also have a website also. Interested ones can log on to:

So our journey started towards Sipi Falls. Sipi Falls is tourist attraction here. Also lot of people visit here to spend their weekends. So this place is full of fancy hotels and motels. After seeing those and me and Matt are sighs that why don’t we have enough money to visit those places. Uganda for tourists can be very expensive even than the Europe sometimes!

Anyways That is our Sipi Falls Visit, and as I believe Picture is more than thousand words lets see the pictures!


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